The hype

As Chris Foresman wrote at ArsTechnica’s Infinite Loop:

The […] hype machine is firing on all warp coils creating a sub-space RDF [RDF…Reality Distortion Field, a field of energy surrounding everything Apple] field large enough to engulf the entire solar system. ((“iPhone Rumor Roundup II: iPhone Harder”, by Chris Foresman, ArsTechnica’s Infinite Loop))

This Star-Trek-esque quote surely describes the rumor mill surrounding Steve Job’s Keynote, taking place coming Monday, at WWDC 2008.

So I went down the various wormholes to get a comprehensive list of rumors and predictions for this years WWDC (what should I say … they are moving at warp speed) and tried to rate them (10 being “very likely to happen” and 0 saying “who the f…. cares”):

  • Various rumors around an apparent announcement of the next version of the iPhone as well as the Software/Firmware powering iPhones and iPod Touches, dubbed “iPhone OS”, and its sourround SDK. You may read about it here, here, here and, for the funnier part also here. Johannes’ rumor rating: 10+
  • The Apple App Store (the already announced outlet for all kinds of official iPhone Apps) may also see the light of day on Monday. Johannes’ rumor rating: 10
  • First rumors about a possible preview on the next version of Mac OS X, Version 10.6 that is. It may drop PowerPC support, be 64-bit only, and could fade out the old but proud Carbon API. Well … and someone brought up “Snow Leopard” as a possible code name. Johannes’ rumor rating: 2-3
  • There may also be a complete redesign of MacBooks and MacBook Pros to be revealed at WWDC. While both lines got some minor updates in the past months (like the MacBook Air inspired MultiTouch trackpad in recent MacBook Pros) the form-factor and overall design of both didn’t change dramatically in the last years. Johannes’ rumor rating: 6
  • Has anybody ever used .Mac for longer than the free try-out period? Apple is now in possession of the and the domains and may prepare a complete overhaul of its long suffering online services. Would be an interesting move, if they integrate it into widgets and applications on iPhone/iTouch hardware, or if the could simply offer something useful or something I couldn’t get elsewhere for less then € 99,–. Johannes’ rumor rating: 7
  • Although there were some patent filings for WII-mote like remote controllers, I would stick with Daniel Eran Dilger in predicting (or at least) hoping Apple might introduce a solution for using an iPhone/iTouch to control an Apple TV or simply your MacBook wirelessly. All the parts are there. No additional hardware would be needed as this could be a software-only solution. Johannes rumor rating: 5

Did I leave something out?


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