Dear screen, smile!

Every now and then I have to make a screenshot or extract some user interface widgets (scrollbars, buttons, etc.) to incorporate them into webdesign mock-ups. While the accompanying every Mac OS X installation (go for it under Applications » Utilities » Grab) serves the basic needs for a screen capture or screen shot tool, it only servers the very basic needs.

Yesterday this article on brought me across Skitch. A handy and lightweight screen shot and basic image editing software with a unique but intuitive interface.

Besides and adorable icon it also offers a unique approach to cropping images by just resizing the entire application window.

And exporting an image after applying basic advancements (typo, lines, circles, free forms, arrows, etc.) is as easy as dragging the image to the desktop. And while let’s you save your screenshots only as TIF (you can of course tell it to save it in another format via a .plist hack), Skitch offers you all the standards like PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG and of course TIF.

What’s even more amazing is, that all the elements you build into an image (such as lines or circles) are automatically layered and are re-organzible one by one at any step. Hence it’s basically non-destructive. Of course you could still use for taking screen shots in TIF format and then fire up Photoshop to edit and resize your image. But I would see Photoshop a little bit abused by just resizing images.

The best thing about Skitch? It’s free! Just grab your copy over at plasq.

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