Every once in a while I think I don’t really like Facebook. It’s constant flow of everything is sometimes irritating and paralyzing. Everyone posts everything about everything. Videos, Twitter-Updates, Facebook Headlines, Groups, Announcements … constantly spamming my profile as well as my mailbox (thanks to push e-mail and e-mail notification). But the one thing that’s really seperating Facbook from its competitors, is the freedom to develop new Facebook applications, like “SuperPoke!” or – one of my favourites – “Kärntner Schmankalan”.

The second most important social networking tool I use every day is XING. The very focused business networking approach is charming as well as professional. XING recently acquired Socialmedian. As The Strategy Web writes will can expect new “XING Applications” coming in the next months. This would mean, you could embed external UGC right into your XING profile. Well … could be great. As long as you don’t install the new “XING Super Business Poke” Application …

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