Relaunch of

Austria’s finest newspaper (at least from my point of view) »Der Standard« graced its online unit with a new design. The “EchtZeitung” is now more readable (thanks to extensive use of Arial/Helvetica). As you can read in the offical announcement, this relaunch is a complete redesign of including an overhaul of the underlying technical infrastructure and programming. The most important change is the use of CSS to set the layout of the page (the old page made massive use of tables). But there are still some table-based portions of the design present. Some other topics are not quite well-done too, as you may read here.

Everything seems a little bit more polished. Personally… I liked the old design better. And for that matter, it’s not understandable, that a premier news source still uses old un-validated HTML4 mark-up. But go ahead, and check it out.

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