The Time-Warp

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I have always been a fan of online shopping. Especially shopping at the “artificial intelligence” behind “Users also liked …” is still a thing of magic to me. In Austria Amazon used to ship the bait via “Österreichische Post”. Which means: no shippment tracking, no issues.

In Germany I was thrilled to see that the online reseller relies on the services of DHL which in turn is owned by “Deutsche Post Worldnet”. But they brought shippment tracking to my account. So why bother? On February, 4th 2009 I ordered a new external hard drive. Well … the shippment seemed to procede without problems.


Until I tried to check the shippment status the next day … and figured out that my hard drive had already been shipped to me: in 2007!


Seems that has already achieved what Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and H.G. Wells have dreamed on for so long: they have finally managed to send their products back in time! Great. Now add the drivers of the DHL trucks, replace the with ordinary people and you’ve got: time tourism. A new business oportunity I guess, perfectly fitting into a time of economic crisis and innovational down turn.

PS.: Of course didn’t invent time-travel – the folks over at the Star Trek universe did. The answer to this mystery is simple and bold: DHL started to reuse tracking numbers back dated from 2007. And Amazon didn’t manage to clear their records. That’s what a friendly girl from the Amazon call center was trying to tell me. But when I confronted her with the apparent paradox she replied: “Well, I think you’ve received your hard drive before you even ordered it. Looks like time-travel to me.”

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