Retrospective: A year, a sentence – 2008

Inspired by Stefan’s end-of-year post I felt it would be a good idea to take a step back too. Reflecting on the principal changes and challenges of 2008 and deconstruct what the fundamental value-reconsiderations might have been in 2008. I decided to put a year into context. To give back meaning to time.

January. The year started with sleepless decisions followed by an advance in perceived happiness that I never experienced before. It was a direct result of too much stuff going on in my life while not being able to ascertain my decisions’ repercussions that would follow shortly after.

February. Has significantly changed my value-system.

March. »… not necessarily now!« started to become a universally applicable plea of least resistance.

April. Ground zero. Event horizon. Finally.

May. Do you remember those days when the sun is not warm enough already, but it is sufficient to give you glimpses of what summer might have been with perspectives?

June. A sudden move followed by distant bells and whistles.

July. The search for intense impressions was getting harder.

August. A circle was finished as soon as I started to put in words what had been nameless for too long.

September. I gained back control.

October. Preparations regarding the transferal of the bigger amount of my life onto another sub-structure combined with this unique chance to put away the parts that had been corrupted earlier or long before, respectively the complete overhaul that was necessary to get my social and professional connections into a small, compact but yet robust package deeply influenced my mindset.

November. There are things that happen for no apparent reason. They are what they are and should be kept sterile in terms of responsibility. This should not be read as nor is an excuse. It is a statement.

December. Reality. The joy of living a short moment as intense as a year or a decade. The capability to discriminate between the map and the landscape.

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