Please twitter!

Do you know what spam is? Unsolicited information that you receive and that is stuffing your mailbox. Web 2.0, social media and microblogging are taking spam to the next level. You don’t even get information. You receive thoughts of people you don’t even know. It is like reading someone else’s mind.

Per se this isn’t that bad. It opens up your world to the world of others and it enables you to discuss thinks public.

But … you should know what you are doing. To inform people about the technologies and communication paradigms they are currently using is the motivation behind Please Twitter! The Initiative for Polluted Communication. Our first action is a fake Facebook quiz informing people on Facebook about the fact, that they are granting some unknown developers access to their profile information whenever they are doing a quiz.


You may check out the quiz here or join our Facebook fan page. And there is more to come.

So what, you ask? Well, just go on and use social media technologies and user generated content. But be aware that you are communicating with a lot more people than you might think. You might know them or you might not. But what it all boils down to is, that you should use these technologies with wisdom and respect. Otherwise you won’t only receive spam but you are becoming spam on your own. Happy polluting.

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