Polluted communication


What’s it all about?

Polluted communication is the term for information that is either unsolicited or sent by an unknown or at least not well-known communication subject, i.e. sender. Polluted communication not only relates to the information being transmitted but also to the dynamic process of exchanging information. It usually includes sending or receiving information with an half-life equal or smaller to 10 seconds.

There is nothing bad with polluted communication. But we should use this force wisely and with responsibility.

The initiative

Nothing demonstrates the concept behind polluted communication better than Twitter. You can go on for hours reading more or less senseless information and mind regurgitations. If this is what you are looking for … fine. But don’t expect everyone else to follow. Don’t expect anything. The purpose of the initiative is to build sensitivity for cases of polluted communication and for the occasions where users are made to believe they are using some innocent services while on the other end of the chain they are tied into a web of data warehousing and customer communication analysis.

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