Five steps to a life less complicated

This is a completely ego-centric and subjective 5-step guide to a life. It is not necessarily what fits into your mindset and it might not be exactly suitable for the circumstances of your own existance. I would not even declare it the principles of my life. They could just be intersting to observe:

1. Use technology

Use the best available technology. In every aspect of your geek life. Use best hardware combined with perfect software. Because technology helps us to get rid of real handy work. No weals or scars any more. Devices render communication (with friends, family or whoever) an afford-less experience. They are the hammers and ambosses of post-modern post-industrial mankind. Let yourself be a glowing piece of metal and become a sword. Ah … never mind. Just go ahead and use Apple. You can always safe money shopping in their refurb stores. They offer stores for Macs as well as for iPods and other devices.

2. Manage your personal relationships

Clean out your adress book regularly. If you haven’t called or mailed someone within the last 120 days … delete this contact. No mercy. Don’t let your contact zombies be the swamp in your iPhone. Heavily rely on your own attraction. Hence surround yourself with people who feel your gravity and cannot resist contacting you. This will even further shrink your afford communicating with them. But be sure to found an inner circle. This group should include your family members (for you could always expect help from them) as well as the few friends that you are willingly and on purpose stay in contact with.

You should get managed the contacts in your various social networks too. Make use of privacy features to selectively open up your personal information, your updates, your tweets to individual and specific groups of people. This is also a great opportunity to cut out your colleagues and co-workers from your daily update-hell and eliminate any unwanted eye contact with the more confidential parts of your photo library.

3. Take your time

Unless you get paid for it … try to let go of your Twitter account or your Facebook profile for a few days a month. Don’t panic. They won’t stop, they won’t un-follow or un-friend you immediately. Enjoy the silence.

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4. Trash your bottles

Every time you buy drinks in bottles (e.g. beer) and pay more because of bottle deposit, trash the bottles after consumption instead of returning them to the shop. There are poor people out there. But you don’t have to have to pay donations. Just commit your bottle deposit to them. This will again make your life easier because not even have to think about returning bottles to shops anymore. Call it social-responsible pollution or SRP.

5. Eat some sugar

It will keep you going.

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