The Case of the Poland Fail

A few weeks ago Microsoft got into criticism about on of its campaigns. While there were many things you could actually argue about in the sujets (like the white MacBook which lost its Apple logo, or the IT people having hilarious fun during a meeting), the most disturbing part was – for sure – that they photoshopped away a black guy in exchange for a guy supposedly looking more polish.

Microsoft Ad Campaign - English Version

English version of Microsoft ad campaign

Microsoft Ad Campaign - Polish Version

Polish version of Microsoft ad campaign

At first I thought this could be a Microsoft problem only. But now it seems as if this might be a general polish issue. As I got to know via Twitter (thanks to @kleinermundvoll) the Medical University of Lublin goes even further and changes the header image on its website depending on the language you’ve selected.


English version of website


Polish version of website

So it seems that polish people in general have their issues with black people. I still can’t believe it. But go and check it out on your own:

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