Marcus … don’t comment on that!

By now every decent tech journalist on this planet had to acknowledge the deep impact iPhone, iPod touch and iPad had on the portable gaming industry. Apple’s iOS devices continue to trumpet their triumph through the halls of Sony, Nintendo and Co. Now Sony has started it’s own private version of Counter Strike.

In a series of must-be cool videos they let Marcus whine on the “hard earned” money he draw from his mother. And of course he complains about the precious three minutes he wasted with the iOS version of the game “Paper Toss”. Hey, what about the precious three minutes I’ve wasted watching this garbage? But have a look for your self …

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

There are a number of things I find – well, let’s say “strange” when watching this videos:

Money. Marcus complains that he spent his mothers “hard earned” money on “Paper Toss” – a somewhat “silly” game in which you have to throw a piece of paper into a trash basket. And he argues that you really don’t need any money to play this game “for real”. Well how comes that his mother spent her money for an iPhone and an iPhone case for her son instead of buying him a supposedly superior PSP in the first place? And – for the files – how comes that you don’t need any money to play baseball neither? Baseball being on of the “high profile” game titles the commercial compares iOS game titles with.

Game choice. Why would anyone spend 20 to 30 Euros for PSP game titles from a very, very selected range of games, when all you need are 0,99 to 1,50 Euros for some really great titles from a wide range of games offered in the 10.000+ games strong App Store?

Performance. Does Sony really want to compare it’s inferior  gaming experience on a PSP with – well, let’s take Need For Speed on iPhone e.g.?

The rules. What baffles me most is the fact that a company like Sony is brave enough to challenge Apple with a serious of commercials on the topic of game play but doesn’t have the guts to accept the simple rules of engagement in Social Media. None of Marcus’ videos on YouTube is allowed to be commented:

Come on, Sony … ain’t you ready to hear the truth?

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