re:publica 2011 – What happened so far …

It’s the  third day of re:publica 2011 – the conference for blogs, social media and digital conference, taking place in Berlin for the fifth time this year. After three days of various sessions, talks and keynotes it’s time to step back and have a recap of what I’ve learned so far.

  • Design is to important to be handled by designers.
  • Design is not only about creating thinks. It’s about solving (mostly human) problems.
  • Markets are conversations (not so new, I guess …)
  • Mozilla doesn’t have the same opinion on apps as Apple has. But they still didn’t say which opinion they have.
  • A troll isn’t always proactively behaving aggressive. He or she sees his or her actions as a reaction.
  • It doesn’t help to argue about what’s “true” in a philosophic sense. We have to decide on how we want things to be.
  • We are the creators. We have the responsibility.

For more insights from this year’s re:publica please see my recent article over at brainwash.

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