Curriculum vitae of Johannes Wedenigg


Johannes (namend after »John, the Baptiste«) is born in summer of 1981 in Klagenfurt.

1987 — 1991

Primary school in Vökermarkt.

1991 — 1999

High-School in Völkermarkt, at the »Alpe-Adria Gymnasium«.


Start to volunteer as a paramedic for the Austrian Red Cross. Ended working for the Red Cross in 2007.


Spending some time abroad, in San Diego (California), USA.

June, 1999

Passed the general qualification for university studies (a.ka. »Matura«) with distinction.

September, 1999

Started to study »Applied Informatics« at Alp-Adria University Klagenfurt.

January, 2000 — January, 2001

Completing community/civilian service for the Austrian Red Cross.

September, 2000 — November, 2006

Founding the grafic design and communications studio »alphæus» and serving some well-known clients for the following six years.

September, 2001

Starting to study »Applied Business Administration« at Alp-Adria University Klagenfurt. Graduation in 2006.

September, 2005 — July, 2006

Editor in chief at »unilo:g«, a college magazine at University Klagenfurt, targeting primarily university students.

October, 2005

Officer-training-programme, Austrian Red Cross.

April, 2006

Graduation at Alp-Adria University Klagenfurt. Master degree in Applied Business Administration. Focus areas are marketing,international management, controlling, strategic management, organisational development. Master thesis about »Myths in service marketing — Distinguishing goods and service as an approach for fundamental shift in service-marketing paradigms«.

September, 2006 — December, 2006

Editorial journalist at »O.K. Kärnten«.

November, 2006 — December, 2007

Creative Director at Responsible for strategic design and web design.

January, 2008 — April, 2008

Officer in-chief for the agency division of

February, 2008 — March, 2008

Usability-engineer and senior web consultant for Alturos Software Institute.

April, 2008 — November, 2008

Unit Director and Creative Director at Sevenspire

December, 2008 — June, 2009

New Media Manager for Red Bull, in Munich, Germany.

July, 2009 — Today

Director Social Media at webguerillas, in Munich, Germany.